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Harrison House of Virginia is a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center for Adult men and women learning to live with disease of chemical dependency.

Very simply, our goal is to make available the finest, most efficient, comfortable and complete rehabilitation possible using all the latest and thoroughly proven treatment tools.

psychiatric evaluation

A brief psychiatric evaluation will be provided to all clients in the day treatment program, both staying in our residences or commuting from home. Our staff of psychiatrists will assess medication issues, make recommendations for additional therapy, and assist with referrals.

We support medically assisted treatment (MAT), where clinically appropriate.

day treatment

$380 per day

includes board

Our day treatment programs is the primary component of the Recovery Unplugged at Harrison House services. Clients will attend treatment activities and groups throughout the day, while being housed at dedicated sober living homes. These activities include various group therapy sessions with topics ranging from substance abuse treatment, 12-step focus, gender, peer, to family and co-dependency issues. Clients will have daily access to full service recreational facility. Additionally, clients will attend at least one 12-step recovery meeting each day and obtain a temporary sponsor. 

family program

no additional cost when enrolled in our day or iop programs

A weekly multi-family group is available to family members of current and fomer clients and their family members. This group is mostly educational with some mild group discussion. Various topics include codependency, enabling, communication and family roles. Families and loved ones will be introduced to the AL-ANON and NAR-ANON 12-step recovery programs.

Recovery Unplugged at Harrison House believes that successful recovery from alcohol and drugs is truly enhanced by support from family and friends. 

The multi-family group is held every Tuesday from 6:00 to .8:00 P.M. Check With Harley White regarding attending this group.


$215 for 3 day a week

3 hours per session IOP.

The outpatient program (IOP) is designed to provide up to nine months of primary or continuing care. Client may enter outpatient treatment in one of three ways.


-The day treatment graduates often attend outpatient for continuing care.

-Clients who have completed another residential or inpatient program may also enroll here. -- --


-Lastly, clients may be directly admitted to the outpatient program for primary care.

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