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Harrison House of Virginia Admissions

Most Clients are referred to Harrison House by their employee assistance program, therapist, physician or hospital. Family members, friends and clergy may also seek help from our staff to admit a loved one.
Some clients have chosen to enter the program voluntarily.
Harrison House is a free-standing facility that provides Drug Treatment in Northern Virginia. It is not affiliated with a hospital. We are unable to provide detoxification services. However we are able to manage clients' medications that are approved by the Medical Director. Clients with dual-diagnosis can be admitted if they are stable on their medications.


The Harrison House staff will conduct an in-person consultation at no charge to focus individual's needs and discuss treatment options. An appropriate referral will be made for those not admitted to Harrison House services.

Other fees are as follows:
Initial Evaluation :    $195.00

Includes Initial Drug Screening 
Daily Treatment Cost :    $380.00

Includes board

Outpatient Groups :    $215.00
Interventions :    $500.00

Harrison House of Virginia treatment fees

The daily treatment cost includes psychiatric evaluation, all therapy groups and activities, meals and overnight accommodations. Urinalysis tests and costs for mediations are not included. Medical needs will be the responsibility of the client or their insurance carrier. The outpatient groups traditionally meet 2-3 times per week : $215 per session. The intervention fee includes all preparation meetings, an appropriate referral will be made if necessary. Interventions conducted out of the area may incur additional expenses that are the responsibility of the client. 

Aetna Insurance
CareFirst insurance
Optima Health
United Health Care
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Harrison House is in-network with most of the major insurance companies in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area. These are Blue Cross/Blue Shield, CareFirst/Aetna, Anthem, United health Care/Optuum and Optima Health.

We will verify your insurance coverage in order for us to estimate the cost of treatment before admission. All deductibles and copays are expected to be paid in full at admission

In the event the client does not have insurance, a full payment of $10,640.00 is now required upon admission. This payment covers 28 days of treatment; group therapies, individual sessions, family program, recreation facilities, a psychiatric evaluation and room and board. It does not cover urinalysis testing or the cost of medications. 

For outpatient services, $195.00 evaluation fee is due upon admission and any copay or treatment cost is due at the time of service. The initial drug test is included in this amount.

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Harrison House acknowledges the value of confidential chemical dependency treatment. Our staff is committed to keeping all client information private. Any information forwarded to outside parties must be authorized and released, in writing, by the Harrison House client.

Confidential Assessment
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