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Affordable Drug and Alcohol Treatment


Harrison House of Virginia provides Drug  Treatment  in Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia since 1999.

Very simply, our goal is to make available the finest, most affordable, comfortable and complete drug and alcohol rehab possible using all the latest and thoroughly proven treatment tools.

Harrison House Addiction Doctor


Clients may be self-referred or referred by an employer, physician, social agency, clergy, family member or friend. Our clients generally come from Northern Virginia, but we have had clients from Maryland, Washington DC , West Virginia and Pennsylvania. 

At a Reasonable Price Harrison House Offers

Consultants on individual needs to discuss available rehab options

for drug treatment in Northern Virginia

Access to Caduceus meetings (Health Care Professionals)


Individual and group counseling

Individual Treatment Planning

Outpatient/Continuing Care Program

Family Education and Counseling

Gym - Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday

Yoga - Saturday

Regular 12-step meeting attendance

Relapse Prevention Group

After initial evaluation, Harrison House staff can coordinate the outpatient programs for individuals depending on gender or peer group . Programs can be specifically designed to meet clients needs in relations to work requirements and scheduling. Harrison House conducts various group meetings throughout the day and evening. Individual counseling sessions may be scheduled by appointment.

The outpatient rehab program is designed to provide up to nine months of primary or continuing care. Client may enter outpatient treatment in one of three ways. The day treatment graduates often attend outpatient for continuing care. Clients who have completed another residential or inpatient program may also enroll here. Finally, clients may be directly admitted to the outpatient program for primary care.

NARCAN, Naloxone Auto-injector
Harrison House of Virginia Family Group

Family and friends of prospective clients frequently ask, "How do you motivate someone who doesn't want treatment?" The answer is "With much compassion and concern as possible" and sometimes results in an intervention. 

The first step is a free consult to determine if NOW is the appropriate time and recommend proper level of care for rehab. The consult is also used to organize the actual event and decide who will be involved in it. Once the specifics have been established the Harrison House staff will assist the family through an often difficult and emotional process. 

Unfortunately some interventions are not successful, especially on the day of the event. Our staff will train and help family through those situations. It is important to understand the primary goal of the intervention is to help the loved one realize how much the family cares, is concerned and how much they want that person back in their lives.


Harrison House recognizes the unique needs of the chemically dependent person. We take special interest in advocating for those with employment and legal issues. Our counseling focuses on the individual. The experienced staff at Harrison House is adept at assisting the client to connect to his or her alcohol and drug use with problems in their life. Additional importance is placed on helping the family through this difficult process. We offer a once per week family education program for residents and will conduct individual family meetings on an as needed basis.

Harrison House of Virginia treatment philosophy


Harisob House of Virginia Staff

The Harrison House staff consists of Board Ceritified MDs, MAC certified leaders, registered nurses and Certified substance abuse counselors. We maintain one of the highest staff to client ratio of about 3 clients per clinical staff member.


We are always looking for good clinical staff to join our team.  We are specifically looking for PRN (part time) CSAC drug and alcohol counselors. Please call Mike Fragala 703-256-6474 x 23 for more information.

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