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Happy Thanksgiving

I am writing this year for what’s become an annual event around the Holiday season. Several people have told me that this was a very quick year, the next thing we know we are into the Holiday season. I tend to a agree as it doesn't seem like too long ago that I was sending my annual message. This year I would like to give thanks for all of the individuals and groups that are trying to unite our country again. After going through what is safe to say a "raucous" election time, I think it's great that we are focusing on working together so we can live together. The idea that there is much we have in common needs to be reiterated over and over. It would be nice if each of us put down our defenses so that we could see the common thread we have with others.

So, I implore you to not look at so much that is different between us as what is the same. I believe there is more of the latter in all Americans, we just got away from it. Give thanks to your family, your friends, and your colleagues as that could be a beginning for building lasting bonds with each other.

Through your generous donations, the Harrison House Foundation has given four full scholarships this year. Your dollars donated to the foundation help clients whose insurance benefits have been exhausted or lack resources to pay for treatment.

Please consider us in your giving this holiday season.

Thank you and I hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday. Steve Crow

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